Diamond uses top of the line products. Our work is approved by many local businesses, West-Field Shopping Malls, Los Angeles & San Diego International Airport Authority, SCV & AV Police, Sheriff & County Departments, with many housing developments, Hotels, State Departments, & other San Diego County Landmarks have granted permission to work on the premises.
We are experienced and trained professional detailer NOT subcontracted car washers
We use upholstery shampoo NOT harsh De Greasers
We use professional sealants and paint reconditioning treatments
We use leather cleaners NOT Harsh chemicals that burn seats & discolor carpets
We do NOT water down our products
We do NOT use products that attract dust
We are Licensed in San Diego County & Los Angeles County
We comply with county water codes and water restrictions.
We have saved THOUSANDS of gallons of water helping to keep storm drains clean from polluted run off
We do NOT use reclaimed contaminated over processed chlorinated water
Owner & Operator
This has been a full time job for Don since 2010 and there is nothing he would rather do than offer you a great professional detail service at a most unbeatable price.

Thank you for visiting the web site, We Hope To Meet You & Detail Your Vehicle Soon..
(661) 232-8700
We Understand…..
we understand the demands of “day to day” business, Your business & lifestyle keeps you on the move at all times. We know that having a hectic and demanding lifestyle doesn’t always leave time to clean your vehicle. We are here to make life a little easier.

Easier by saving you Time and Money, while still giving you the “WOW” factor of a clean vehicle. All at a reasonable rate. If you need your vehicle cleaned, look no further and call us today. We are mobile. We will come to you! We even remove spots, stains & odors at no extra charge.

We also offer headlight restoration and much more. Vehicles are cleaned where they are parked. Either at work or at home. We also use the top of the line car care products, and carry all the tools needed to bring your car back to life.

A clean and well taken care of vehicle has always been important to me. I have always enjoyed keeping my vehicles looking their best with weekly Eco Friendly washes, meticulous cleaning of the interior, and maintaining a crucial protectant on the paint in the form of a wax, paint sealant, or highly durable coating.


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