Coatings & Paint Correction

PAINT CORRECTION Starting at $699

A large aspect of auto detailing is machine polishing. This is known as paint correction. Through machine polishing with dual action polishers, clean micro fiber or foam pads, and abrasive compounds and finishing polishes defects such as swirls, water spots, and light scratches are removed and the paint is perfected before applying a coat of wax, sealant, or nano coating.

Different levels of polishing can be performed based on the condition of the paint and the expectation of you the customer. Each step is one entire trip around the vehicle working in the compound or polish one small section at a time. This is a very time consuming process when done right, but the results are unbelievable.

Due to the different levels of paint defects, overall condition of the vehicle, and the final expectations of each customer, visual inspection of the vehicle is required for a price quote.

Call (661) 232-8700 to schedule a time to come by for inspection of your specific vehicle!

Ceramic Coatings Start @$1200

Once your vehicle’s paint is corrected and returned back to a mirror finish, it is recommended to apply protection in the form of a coating to that paint. Coatings are many times thicker on the surface than just the short term life of a wax or paint sealant. This allows the coating to take the brunt of the elements, protecting your paint’s surface.

Also, coatings last much longer than traditional waxes or sealants. While waxes and sealants last a few weeks to a few months, the life span of a coating is measured in a couple years. Coatings will not wash away like waxes and sealants do.

Once your vehicle’s paint has been corrected, it only makes sense to protect that paint. Having a coating applied, whether it is the more affordable C.Quartz, C.Quartz Finest, or Opti-Coat PRO, the vehicle will be easier to maintain and preserve the corrected level of gloss and shine. Over the long term, it will eliminate the need to polish into the paint to remove defects, since defects will occur more so on the coating and less on the paint under the coating.


Call for these treatments and we can figure out what is best for your vehicle
Ceramic Coatings $1200


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