Just like preventative maintenance is needed for your vehicle’s engine in the way of oil changes, your vehicle’s paint and interior also needs preventative maintenance. A Full Detail is a great way to maintain the exterior of your vehicle by providing protection to the paint from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants as well as refresh your vehicle’s interior.

Recommended quarterly (every 3-6 months).

Starting at:

  • $150+ for 2-door Cars (Camaro, Mustang, 370z, etc)
  • $179+ for 4-door Sedans/Wagons/Small SUVs (Camry, Accord, Escape, FX35, etc)
  • $199+ for Trucks (Z-71, F-150, Tundra, etc)
  • $229+ for Lg SUVs/Vans/Lg Trucks (Tahoe/Suburban, Expedition, Odyssey, F-250, etc)


  • Hand wash (using 2-bucket method)
  • Dry using compressed air and quality microfiber towels
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Rim cleaning
  • Wheel wells degreased
  • Tire dressing
  • Meticulous scrubbing and steaming of interior plastic/vinyl door panels, dash, center console, just about everything
  • Interior dressing/UV protection on dash
  • Headliner wiped down
  • Extensive vacuum of interior, including trunk
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Carpet spot removal (a full shampooing of carpets is available at additional charge)
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned (if applicable)
  • Clay bar: safely removes brake dust, industrial pollutions, rail dust, tar, and bugs to restore a glassy smooth finish. Additionally, it preps the paint for the application of, and proper bonding of, paint sealant.
  • Paint Sealant (a synthetic wax), offers a 3 month protective barrier to the paint from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants while adding a reflective, glossy shine to your paint’s surface.
  • A full detail does not remove defects in the paint such as water marks, swirl (spider) marks, and oxidation. These require compounding and polishing (see Paint Correction Services). Add on a 1 step polish to your full detail to help add gloss and shine to the paint.

**Large vehicles and vehicle condition may be subject to additional fees. Scratches, heavily oxidized paint, pet hair, neglect, carpet stains, heavily soiled leather, cloth, or carpets, bodily (animal or human) fluids, concrete, and road paint will raise the price of the detail. **


1 Step polish

2Pricing begins at $200 when added to a full detail. using a finishing polish to remove light swirls, marring, and imperfections leaving the paint more reflective and glossy. This step is performed after the paint is clayed and before the paint sealant is applied.

This add-on is great it you are selling, just bought, or just want your ride looking better than just a coat of wax can achieve.

Some paints require more aggressive methods of perfecting the paint. Depending on the condition of the paint, and hardness of the clear coat, additional steps of compounding may be necessary to achieve a desired result.


Engine Detailing

It is important to have your engine detailed to help prevent the buildup of grime.$50 when added to a Full Detail


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