1A Full Detail + is the next step up from our regular Full Detail and is great if you are selling, just bought, or just want your ride looking better than just a coat of wax can achieve.

In addition to everything included in a Full Detail, the paint receives an iron decontamination, a one step machine polish is performed, and the engine is detailed.

The exterior paint is machine polished using a finishing polish to remove light swirls, marring, and imperfections leaving the paint more reflective and glossy. This step is performed after the paint is clayed and before the paint sealant is applied. One step polishing can achieve 25-50% correction of the paint.

Some paints require more aggressive methods of perfecting the paint. Depending on the condition of the paint, and also the hardness of the clear coat, additional steps of polishing or compounding may be necessary to achieve a desired result.




Recommended 1-2 times a year.
Starting at:

  • $149+ for 2-door Cars (Camaro, Mustang, 370z, etc)
  • $199+ for 4-door Sedans/Wagons/Small SUVs (Camry, Accord, Escape, FX35, etc)
  • $249+ for Trucks (Z-71, F-150, Tundra, etc)
  • $299+ for Lg SUVs/Vans/Lg Trucks (Tahoe/Suburban, Expedition, Odyssey, F-250, etc)



  • Hand wash (using 2-bucket method)
  • Dry using compressed air and quality microfiber towels
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Rim cleaning
  • Wheel wells degreased
  • Tire dressing
  • Engine detailed and dressed
  • Meticulous scrubbing and steaming of interior plastic/vinyl door panels, dash, center console, just about everything
  • Interior dressing/UV protection on dash
  • Headliner wiped down
  • Extensive vacuum of interior, including trunk
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Carpet spot removal (a full shampooing of carpets is available at additional charge)
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned (if applicable)
  • Iron decontamination via Iron X. Iron X is a greater form of paint decontamination used before claying the paint. Iron X safely removes Iron Particles and prevents the spread of iron-related damage and helps to protect your vehicle from paint system failure.
  • Clay bar: safely removes brake dust, industrial pollutions, rail dust, tar, and bugs restoring a glassy smooth finish and prepping the paint for the application of and proper bonding of the paint sealant.
  • 1 step machine polish with a finishing polish to achieve gloss and shine.
  • Paint Sealant (a synthetic wax), offers a 3-4 month protective barrier to the paint from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants while adding a reflective, glossy shine to your paint’s surface.

**Large vehicles and vehicle condition may be subject to additional fees. Scratches, heavily oxidized paint, pet hair, neglect, carpet stains, heavily soiled leather, cloth, or carpets, bodily (animal or human) fluids, concrete, and road paint will raise the price of the detail. **


Teflon Protective Paint Sealant

Pricing starts at $150
Once your vehicle’s paint is polished and returned back to a mirror finish, it is recommended to apply protection in the form of a coating to that paint. Coatings are many times thicker on the surface than just the short term life of a wax…Paint Sealant allows the coating to take the brunt of the elements, protecting your paint’s surface.

Also, sealants last much longer than traditional waxes. While waxes last a few weeks to a few months, the life span of a coating is measured up to a year. Coatings will not wash away like waxes do. At only an additional $150-300 depending on the size of the vehicle, adding this protection to your paint only equates to $4-13 a month with the coating lasting a year or more. It only makes sense to have it applied!

Once your vehicle’s paint has been polished, it only makes sense to protect that paint. Having sealants applied, the vehicle will be easier to maintain and preserve the corrected level of gloss and shine. Over the long term, it will eliminate the need to polish into the paint to remove defects, since defects will occur more so on the coating and less on the paint under the coating.

Headlight Restoration

Price is $40 per pair when added to a Full Detail +. $60 a la carte
This restores the clarity of clouded, fogged, and yellowed headlights. A protective coating is then applied.

Water Spot Removal

Pricing for this service:

  • $50-100 2-door coupes
  • $50-120 4-door sedans
  • $50-140 Small SUV (ie. Ford Escape) and Crew Cab/Ext Cab Trucks
  • $50-160 Large SUV (ie. Chevy Tahoe)


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